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Is the constitution PLAGIARIZED?

Learn about the ways in which the Constitution was created from our previous independence documents and experiences under the English Crown!… Continue reading →

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let’s talk about sexual assault.

Let’s talk about sex Since the beginning of time, sexual violence against women (and men) has been a dominant force of the culture in the United States. While April is official sexual assault awareness month, there is no restrictions on being open to awareness discussions in the months prior to and after April. So, we… Continue reading →

Know their names. Know their stories.

This blog includes the stories of eight black individuals who were killed at the hands of white cops, who still have not been granted justice. It is important to note here that the stories below are exemplary and not exhaustive. There is no way for us to know the full extent of policy brutality or race-based crimes because they are rarely talked about. Our fight for equality is for the stories we know, as much as it is for those we don’t.… Continue reading →

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